About us

Theialife is a virtual disruptive late clinical-stage novel ophthalmology drug that aims to revolutionize the ophthalmology industry with a pipeline of breakthrough therapies for eye disorders, committed to developing innovative therapies that address unmet medical needs.

As an innovative biotechnology company, Theialife’s focus is the discovery and development of first-in-class drugs with ophthalmological applications.

Theialife focuses on research and development of preventive and therapeutic options for ophthalmic applications, committing years of dedicated research to find novel solutions to difficult problems associated with eyesight.

Our initial drug is a novel first-in-class oral phase 3 ready oral drug targeting Myopia (near-sightedness), previously considered untreatable.

Myopia prevalence is common, but the rate of prevalence for high myopia amongst children is growing at an alarming rate. The rising prevalence of Myopia in recent decades, especially in young children has reached an epidemic level across the world. Several years of our research has surfaced the fact that Myopia can be prevented, and its progression can be slowed down with appropriate intervention at an early age. We want to change the conventional notion that Myopia is an inherited condition and can only be managed by glasses.

Our phase 3 ready asset has completed (a) preclinical development, (b) Phase 2 clinical trial in Denmark, and are in the process of initiating a Global Phase 3 clinical study. Our Product has been used clinically to treat Myopia progression & its associated factors in over 1100 Children for over 12 years in Denmark.

All IP related to the Dosage Form and related data is the ownership of Theialife.

This first in class molecule will change the Myopia management landscape, especially for children with early-onset Myopia, who otherwise, given the limited therapies available, are bound to progress towards severe and sight threatening Myopia.

Theialife aspires to be a leading global ophthalmology solutions company targeting to manage various eye disorders. We, at Theialife are in the process of developing new therapeutic options that could effectively address Myopia, as well as other eye related diseases.

Our Mission

To truly help bring back sight & uplift the quality of life.

Our Vision

Provide a meaningful difference in the lives.


Sundeep Aurora

Co-Founder & CEO

  • Born 1963
  • Chemical Engineer from Lafayette College, Easton, PA, USA, 1985
  • Banker with Citibank, New York, 1985-91
  • Joined Pharmed Ltd as Director – 1991
  • Founded Bioplus Life Sciences in 2003
  • Co Author / Author of several global patents on Chemistry, Pharmaceutical production and Novel Dosage forms
  • Chairman & CEO Bioplus Life Sciences

Klaus Trier

Co-Founder & CSO

  • Born 1957
  • Medical Doctor from University of Copenhagen 1983
  • Eye Specialist 1990
  • Chief eye surgeon at Frederiksberg Hospital 1993-97
  • Founder of Trier Research Laboratories, a specialized connective tissue and Myopia research laboratory
  • Co-author of 30 scientific articles/textbook chapters
  • Member of the Intervention group of The International Myopia Institute (www.myopiainstitute.org)